Best features for easily updating data in SQL Server using Excel.


Excel as a Front-End for SQL Server

Close the gap between business users and centralized SQL Server data by enabling them to use their favorite tool, Excel, for easy updates and management of data in SQL Server. This avoids the need for batch processing or waiting for assistance from the IT department.


Connection Security

SQL Spreads leverages the industry-standard SQL Server and Windows Security for database connections, ensuring maximum security.

Data Security

All data processed with SQL Spreads remains within your networks, servers, and databases. SQL Spreads does not store any of your data.

Data Integrity

Foreign Key Lookups

Lookups of texts for key values in related tables allows end-users to easily work with relational data, while keeping data integrity.

Automatic Data Validation

When users input new values into Excel cells, each entry is instantly validated against the data type of the mapped SQL Server column.

Change Audit

Tracking all Changes

Monitor all database changes row by row, including who created or modified a row and when the change occurred.

Full audit log

SQL Spreads supports SQL Server Temporal tables to provide a complete back-in-time audit log of every change in the database.


Involve Data Owners

Dedicated Designer and Editor roles enable non-technical end-users to safely update SQL Server data through Excel, providing secure and user-friendly data management.

Powerful Data Selection 

Tree-Filters enable efficient navigation and selection within extensive datasets, allowing users to precisely filter and load specific data from tables that contain millions of rows.

Conflict detection

SQL Spreads’ integrated conflict detection guarantees seamless collaboration by enabling multiple users to simultaneously interact with the same SQL Server tables without issues.

Data Processing

Data Processing

After data is updated in SQL Server, SQL Spreads can carry out post-processing tasks such as cleaning, copying, and validation by using custom SQL queries that process the data.

Pivot rows into columns

For scenarios like forecasting, SQL Spreads pivots rows from SQL Server into columns in Excel. Changes made to these columns will  be saved back as rows in SQL Server.

Large-scale deployments

Easy deployment

SQL Spreads supports packaged deployments with the option to incorporate the license into the installation package. It also supports installations on Remote Desktops and Virtual Desktops.

Simple Licence handling

SQL Spreads simplifies license management by providing a single common license key for all users and a backend web application to easily manage user licenses.

Platform Compatibility

Supported databases

SQL Spreads is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, supporting versions from SQL Server 2022 back to 2008, across all editions from Express upwards. 

Additionally, SQL Spreads supports Azure SQL, Azure SQL DW and Azure SQL Serverless. 

The supported authentication methods include:
Windows Authentication
SQL Authentication
Azure AD Authentication (including MFA)

Supported Windows and Excel versions

SQL Spreads is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11, available for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It can also be deployed on Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, and Virtual Desktop environments.

SQL Spreads is compatible with the following Excel versions:
Office 365 Desktop version
Excel 2019
Excel 2016
Excel 2013
Excel 2010

Support is provided for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Excel.

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