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    Download and install

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    Article Summary

    Download the SQL Spreads trial

    The SQL Spreads Trial is the full-functional product only limited in time.

    Download SQL Spreads 14-days trial from here.

    Download the installer after purchase

    When you purchase SQL Spreads you will get an email with the download link to the installer.

    Installing SQL Spreads

    1. Run the SQLSpreadsSetup.exe file and follow the instructions.
    2. Restart Excel and accept the Add-In confirmation.
    3. You will find SQL Spreads in the tab menu in Excel:
      Download and install 7.1

    Switch plan in the SQL Spreads trial

    When you install the SQL Spreads Trial it will run using the SQL Spreads Premium plan.

    To evaluate SQL Spreads using another price plan, click the About button in the SQL Spreads tab:
    Download and install About 7.1

    Then click the Switch trial to another plan link:

    Select another plan and click OK.

    You can see all SQL Spreads plans and features here.

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