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  • SQL Spreads release 6.0.30

    Jun 17th, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.0.30 is now available for download. This new release introduce a new feature to use the Tree filter selection as the key column when inserting new rows into a table. Added a new Parameter selection dialog to easily insert Tree Filter and Cell parameters. Added the possibility to remove key columns that are …

  • SQL and Excel: Why you need both

    Jun 17th, 2021

    Introduction SQL vs. Excel: which is better?  As you can see from the title of this article, it’s not the case that you should choose one over the other; you actually need SQL and Excel. Excel is a really great application.  There are not many applications that are used by such a wide variety of …

  • How to use XLOOKUP: Guide and Examples

    May 27th, 2021

    Introduction If you’ve been using Excel for a while, you’ll undoubtedly have used one of its most useful functions – VLOOKUP.  This lookup function is invaluable when manipulating data or preparing reports in Excel.  If you’re already familiar with VLOOKUP, then you’ll love the new XLOOKUP function that Microsoft released last year.  It overcomes some …

  • CSV to SQL: How to Convert, Open & Import

    May 12th, 2021

    Introduction Option 1 : CSV to SQL using a SQL script The SQL script to import CSV to SQL is quite straightforward.  It simply involves creating a table and then performing an insert of the data.  But, as you’ll soon see, whilst this is fine for a small dataset, if you need to import lots …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.0.17

    Mar 30th, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.0.17 is now available for download. SQL Spreads 6.0 introduces the new Lookup feature to easily lookup key values from a related table or a list of fixed key-text pairs. A drop-down list in Excel allows the user to select a text item, while the corresponding key will be written to the database. …

  • SQL Spreads release 5.1.12

    Sep 30th, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.1.12 is now available for download. Added support for using key columns with the UNIQUE IDENTIFIER data type while also generating new IDs as a default value in SQL Server. Fixed issue with Designer being locked for new worksheets in certain cases. Minor bug fixes Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

  • SQL Spreads release 5.1.07

    Jul 1st, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.1.07 is now available for download. The Excel table is now always resized to the number rows that are imported from the database. Added support for using SQL Server columns with the data type DateTimeOffset. Conflict detection will now work over different time zones when setting the ModifiedOn Change Tracking column to a …

  • What’s new in SQL Spreads 5.0?

    May 7th, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.0 is the largest update in over two years, with several new and exciting improvements. We have implemented a couple of long-anticipated features, such as: We have also implemented several changes to improve how you can develop and deploy SQL Spreads documents: To try SQL Spreads 5.0, you can download the 14-day free …

  • SQL Spreads release 5.0.55

    Apr 29th, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.0.55 is now available for download. SQL Spreads 5.0 is the largest SQL Spreads update in over two years with several long-wished features and improvements such as data pivoting, the table creator and database, and table search. Introducing the new Pivoting feature to update pivoted data in columns in Excel into rows in …

  • SQL Spreads release 4.50.148

    Dec 2nd, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.50.148 is now available for download. Fixed issue with changing the SQL Server server name (the text field was disabled) when opening a document when the SQL Server instance is not accessible. Fixed issue with conflict detection not saving non-conflicting rows correctly. Fixed issue with checking the license on the server if a …

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