Welcome to SQL Spreads Knowledge Base
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    Welcome to SQL Spreads Knowledge Base

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    Article Summary


    SQL Spreads is a lightweight Data Management solution for SQL Server. With the use of Excel as the front-end for managing the data in SQL Server, users can get up and running in minutes.

    Built-in Data validation, Drop-Down lists with key lookups, conflict detection, and change tracking guarantee your corporation's data quality.

    The knowledgebase will help you to get started and learn all the details about how to create your data management solution using SQL Spreads.

    SQL Spreads Videos

    Get up and running

    00:00 Intro 
    00:11 Download the free SQL Spreads trial 
    00:23 Install the SQL Spreads Excel Add-In 
    00:40 Connect your SQL Spreads Excel document to SQL Server 
    00:52 Select your SQL Server table to load into Excel 
    01:02 Update your data in Excel and save back to SQL Server 
    01:15 The SQL Spreads Knowledgebase

    How to evaluate and purchase SQL Spreads

    00:00 Intro 
    00:20 The free SQL Spreads trial 
    00:35 How to evaluate the Basic, Pro and Premium plan in SQL Spreads
    01:07 The Document Designer and Data Editor roles 
    01:50  Licensing and purchasing

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