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  • How to Use XMATCH: Guide and Examples

    Andy McDonald - Aug 18, 2022

    In a previous post, we looked at XLOOKUP, which is the new and improved replacement for one of Excel’s most popular functions, VLOOKUP. In this article, we’re going to look at XMATCH, which (you’ve guessed it) is a replacement for the MATCH function. As you’ll see, XMATCH doesn’t enhance the old MATCH function particularly – …

  • Excel Linked Data Types: An Introduction

    Andy McDonald - Aug 18, 2022

    There’s a cool feature in Excel for Microsoft 365 that not many people know about. Linked Data Types allow you to access data from a range of subject areas such as finance, geography, nutrition, and media directly in Excel. Do you need to include the latest exchange rates, company stock prices, or city population figures …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.2.8

    Johannes Åkesson - Aug 09, 2022

    SQL Spreads 6.2.8 is now available for download. Fixed issue with bigint numbers with more than 17 digits that were truncated. Fixed issue with commas in text key columns. Fixed issue with uninstalling when both the per-machine and the per-user versions was installed. Fixed issue with the database connection setting “Remember password on local machine”. …

  • What is the equivalent to VLOOKUP in SQL?

    Andy McDonald - Jul 14, 2022

    In this article, we’re going to show you how to perform the equivalent of Excel’s VLOOKUP in SQL.  This is the second of our articles aimed at teaching Excel users the basics of SQL. In our previous article “Introduction to SQL for Excel Users”, we introduced the JOIN statement, and here we’re going to expand …

  • Introduction to SQL for Excel Users

    Andy McDonald - Jul 04, 2022

    This is the first of several articles on SQL for Excel users.  The aim is to show you why it’s so useful for Excel users to be familiar with SQL and to introduce some basic concepts and queries. Why is it important to learn SQL? In a previous article, SQL and Excel: Why you need …

  • How to Export Data from SQL Server to Excel

    Andy McDonald - Jul 04, 2022

    In a previous article, SQL and Excel: Why you need both, we showed that for many businesses the use of both SQL Server and Excel is an optimum approach to data management.  For organizations that use SQL Server and Excel extensively, there is often a need to export data from SQL Server to Excel.  The …

  • Excel Power Query: What is it? Why use it?

    Andy McDonald - Jul 01, 2022

    With Excel Power Query you can connect to data sources, import data, clean and shape it and then load it into Excel or a data model so that you can create charts and reports. In this article, we’re going to look at some examples of where you’d use Power Query and give a quick overview …

  • How to Use SQL with Excel for Data Analysis

    Andy McDonald - Jun 08, 2022

    In a previous article, we talked about why most organizations should use both SQL Server and Excel for their data management needs. In this article, we’re going to look at an example of how to perform data analysis using SQL and Excel with an Excel Add-In, called SQL Spreads. You can use the Add-In to …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.2.1

    Johannes Åkesson - May 23, 2022

    SQL Spreads 6.2.1 is now available for download. Support for connecting to Azure SQL using Azure AD Authentication. Support for using Multi-Factor Authentication when authenticating to Azure AD. Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

  • How to Connect Power Apps to SQL Server

    Andy McDonald - May 13, 2022

    In this article, we’re going to look at how to connect Power Apps to SQL Server.  This provides a slightly deeper dive than was covered in our previous Quick Start Guide to Power Apps. Power Apps is the low-code/no-code platform from Microsoft. It aims to make it quick and easy for people in organizations to …

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