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  • Power BI Dashboards: Examples & Use Cases

    Andy McDonald - Jan 21, 2022

    Power BI is a Business Intelligence (BI) platform. With Power BI, users can get data, analyze it, and create visualizations that help turn data into actionable information for their business.  In this article, we’re going to look at creating Power BI dashboards and reports, and give some examples of how and when to use them. …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.1.15

    Johannes Åkesson - Dec 09, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.1.15 is now available for download. Added support for the new pricing model with Basic, Pro and Premium plans and separate Editor licenses. Added a checkbox to the Table Creator to decide if columns in a new table should be nullable. Added a field to set the name of the Identity column in …

  • Master Data Management: What is it and Why is it Important?

    Andy McDonald - Dec 02, 2021

    Master Data Management (MDM) is an information management discipline focusing on data quality and data governance. Its goal is to mitigate problems caused when Master Data is inconsistent, fragmented, or out of date. In this article, we’re going to explain what MDM is and provide some tips on how to start an MDM journey. What …

  • How to Update an SQL Table from Excel

    Johannes Åkesson - Nov 26, 2021

    SQL Spreads solves some common data management problems for Microsoft SQL Server. It makes it fast and simple to update an SQL table from an Excel spreadsheet. And it gives you the control you need to manage data entered by various users on a collaborative team. End users love working in Excel End users love …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.0.44

    Johannes Åkesson - Oct 29, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.0.44 is now available for download. This new release focus on stability improvements – we have made a number of stability improvements and fixes in the areas around Excel table formatting, detection of changes in SQL Server etc. Added the possibility to set a Default value for a column to use when a …

  • Simple Data Validation in SQL

    Andy McDonald - Oct 24, 2021

    What is data validation in SQL and why is it important?  Data validation is a method for checking the accuracy and quality of data.  Information in databases is constantly being updated, deleted, queried, or moved by multiple people or processes, so ensuring that data is valid at all times is essential. In this article, we’re …

  • How to create Pivot Tables in SQL Server

    Andy McDonald - Oct 10, 2021

    In this article, we’re going to show you how to create pivot tables in SQL Server.  This is the third article aimed at teaching Excel users some basic SQL server queries, and how to mimic some of the main functions used in Excel. In a previous article we looked at the equivalent of Excel’s VLOOKUP …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.0.30

    Johannes Åkesson - Jun 17, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.0.30 is now available for download. This new release introduce a new feature to use the Tree filter selection as the key column when inserting new rows into a table. Added a new Parameter selection dialog to easily insert Tree Filter and Cell parameters. Added the possibility to remove key columns that are …

  • SQL Spreads release 6.0.17

    Johannes Åkesson - Mar 30, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.0.17 is now available for download. SQL Spreads 6.0 introduces the new Lookup feature to easily lookup key values from a related table or a list of fixed key-text pairs. A drop-down list in Excel allows the user to select a text item, while the corresponding key will be written to the database. …

  • SQL Spreads release 5.1.12

    Johannes Åkesson - Sep 30, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.1.12 is now available for download. Added support for using key columns with the UNIQUE IDENTIFIER data type while also generating new IDs as a default value in SQL Server. Fixed issue with Designer being locked for new worksheets in certain cases. Minor bug fixes Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

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