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  • SQL Spreads release 3.1.0

    Aug 13th, 2015

    SQL Spreads 3.1.0 is now available for download. The new release includes support to manage data in SQL Server tables that does not have any identity key. The major change in 3.1 is the ability to use a combination of key columns in a table. This removes the previous requirement for an Identity column in …

  • SQL Spreads release 3.0.6

    Apr 7th, 2015

    A new release of SQL Spreads is now available for download. The new release contains a number of updates and fixes: Improved support for Office 365. New improved layout of the import filter panel which now has buttons for Refresh and Save. New name on the “Database Submit” button: “Save to Database”. Fixed issue with …

  • SQL Spreads release 3.0.4

    Feb 27th, 2015

    With this new release, SQL Spreads is now an Excel only Add-In. The new Excel Add-In will connect directly from Excel to a SQL Server database. The SQL Spreads Excel Add-In makes it possible to manage data in SQL Server tables using Microsoft Excel. Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

  • How to use Excel to update SQL Server data

    Oct 17th, 2014

    If you want to easily let your non-technical users update and manage SQL Server data from Excel, click here to download the SQL Spreads Excel Add-In. End users love working in Excel; they know the tool and they are free to do what they want. That’s the heart of the much-loved Excel application, but also …

  • Introducing the new Table Wizard

    Sep 8th, 2014

    We are proud to announce the release of SQL Spreads 2014 with the completely new Table Wizard. The Table Wizard makes it extremely simple to create an Excel document which can be used to Update, Insert or Delete data in a SQL Server table. The Wizard contains five screen: When clicking Finish, SQL Spreads will load the …

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