SQL Spreads release 7.4.1

Written by Johannes Åkesson
Reviewed by Johannes Åkesson
Mar 29, 2024
2 min read

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancements and fixes in SQL Spreads to make your data management experience smoother and more secure.

Here’s what’s new in SQL Spreads 7.4.1:

  • Enhanced Tree Filters: Tree Filters have been improved and are now shown only for individual Excel sheets, and changes in a Tree Filter only refresh the affected sheets and tables. This targeted update enhances performance and efficiency.
  • Column Arrangement in SQL Spreads Designer: We’ve made organizing columns even easier in the SQL Spreads Designer. Now, you can move the columns up and down, and have the flexibility to swiftly move columns to either the beginning or the end of your table, allowing for a more intuitive design process.
  • Security Upgrade with New Encryption Algorithm: We’ve upgraded to a more robust and secure encryption algorithm, reinforcing the protection of your sensitive data.
  • Extended Database Connection Timeouts: To accommodate longer processes, we’ve improved our database connection capabilities to allow for timeouts extending beyond the previous 100-second limit, ensuring more reliable data transactions.
  • Precision Improvement for Decimal Data Type: The handling of decimal data types has been significantly improved, offering better management of precision and scale. This enhancement ensures more accurate data representation and calculations.
  • Azure SQL Serverless Timeout Notification: We’ve addressed an issue to ensure that a timeout message is displayed if Azure SQL Serverless is in the process of warming up, keeping users informed of the connection status.
  • Pivoted View Sorting Fix: A fix has been implemented to resolve issues encountered when sorting in the Pivoted view, ensuring a smoother user experience.

We hope you find these updates beneficial. As always, we’re here to support your data management needs and look forward to your feedback on these enhancements.

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