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  • SQL Spreads release 5.1.07

    Johannes Åkesson - Jul 01, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.1.07 is now available for download. The Excel table is now always resized to the number rows that are imported from the database. Added support for using SQL Server columns with the data type DateTimeOffset. Conflict detection will now work over different time zones when setting the ModifiedOn Change Tracking column to a …

  • What’s new in SQL Spreads 5.0?

    Johannes Åkesson - May 07, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.0 is the largest update in over two years, with several new and exciting improvements. We have implemented a couple of long-anticipated features, such as: We have also implemented several changes to improve how you can develop and deploy SQL Spreads documents: To try SQL Spreads 5.0, you can download the 14-day free …

  • SQL Spreads release 5.0.55

    Johannes Åkesson - Apr 29, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.0.55 is now available for download. SQL Spreads 5.0 is the largest SQL Spreads update in over two years with several long-wished features and improvements such as data pivoting, the table creator and database, and table search. Introducing the new Pivoting feature to update pivoted data in columns in Excel into rows in …

  • SQL Spreads release 4.50.148

    Johannes Åkesson - Dec 02, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.50.148 is now available for download. Fixed issue with changing the SQL Server server name (the text field was disabled) when opening a document when the SQL Server instance is not accessible. Fixed issue with conflict detection not saving non-conflicting rows correctly. Fixed issue with checking the license on the server if a …

  • SQL Spreads release 4.50.139

    Johannes Åkesson - Oct 31, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.50.139 is now available for download. With this release, we are introducing a new license system that supports online activations and a lot of new features on the deployment and installation side. With the new online activations, there is no need to manually activate the licenses through emails. If you are an existing …

  • SQL Spreads release 4.4.7

    Johannes Åkesson - Jun 05, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.4.7 is now available for download. Fixed issue when working with protected Excel worksheets. Fixed issue with conflict detection giving an error under certain circumstances. Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

  • SQL Spreads release 4.4.5

    Johannes Åkesson - Apr 16, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.4.5 is now available for download. Fixed issue with “Remember password on this machine” for Data User installations. Fixed issue with license key being lost when upgrading SQL Spreads – the fix resolves the issue for upgrades from 4.4.5 and forward on. Fixed issue with loading data when using Excel tables with table …

  • SQL Spreads release 4.4.3

    Johannes Åkesson - Mar 06, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.4.3 is now available for download. Added a new MSI-installer property to make it possible to force an overwrite of the license key during installation. Resolved issue with mapping columns to CreatedOn and CreatedBy in the Advanced Setup. Resolved issue with the progress panel not hiding after saving data to the database for …

  • What’s new in SQL Spreads 4.4?

    Johannes Åkesson - Feb 01, 2019

    We are proud to announce the release 4.4 of SQL Spreads – the solution for easily letting your non-technical people manage and update data in SQL Server using Excel. In this article, we will shortly describe what’s new in this release. A complete list of the changes in SQL Spreads release 4.4 can be found …

  • SQL Spreads release 4.4.0

    Johannes Åkesson - Jan 31, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.4.0 is now available for download. Added new buttons to the SQL Spreads tab in Excel for saving and refreshing the data between Excel and SQL Server. Added new change tracking setting to separately track database row creation with date, time and Windows user name. Added a release license feature for transferring a …

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