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  • SQL Spreads release 5.1.07

    Jul 1st, 2020

    SQL Spreads 5.1.07 is now available for download.

    • The Excel table is now always resized to the number rows that are imported from the database.
    • Added support for using SQL Server columns with the data type DateTimeOffset. Conflict detection will now work over different time zones when setting the ModifiedOn Change Tracking column to a DateTimeOffset column.
    • Added support for using key columns with a DateTime data type.
    • Fixed issue when having Drop Down lists where leading zeros from the key/code value were dropped.
    • Fixed issue when creating a table with the TableCreator and having special characters in the table name.
    • Fixed issue with LastN- Designer column filters not returning all rows in the specified filter condition.

    Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

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