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    Mar 30th, 2021

    SQL Spreads 6.0.17 is now available for download.

    SQL Spreads 6.0 introduces the new Lookup feature to easily lookup key values from a related table or a list of fixed key-text pairs. A drop-down list in Excel allows the user to select a text item, while the corresponding key will be written to the database.

    We have also made a larger update of the knowledgebase which can now be found https://sqlspreads.com/docs

    • Added the new Lookup feature with Drop-down lists in the SQL Spreads Designer
    • Upgraded our Knowledgebase to a new system. The knowledgebase can now be found at https://sqlspreads.com/docs
    • Improved possibility to add calculated columns on the right-side of the Excel table, such as totals etc.
    • Added the possibility set default configuration when doing corporate deployments using the per machine installer.
    • Wrapping of texts with line breaks is now disabled by default to improve performance and simplify reading. Wrapping can be turned on in the Designer Settings.
    • Redesigned the ribbon menu to make it clearer.
    • Redesigned the Document Settings dialog.
    • Tree filters now always select the first item as default item.
    • Fixed issue with Columns tab in Designer scrolling to top when a checkbox is checked.
    • Fixed issue within Columns tab that selection of items sometimes needed to be done twice.
    • Fixed issue with the Table creator not showing correct reference to a cell when an error occurred.
    • Fixed issue with data validation for Drop-down list columns with more than 25000 rows showing wrong row number.
    • Minor bug fixes.

    Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

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