• SQL Spreads Solution Partner Program

    About the Solution Partner Program

    SQL Spreads Solution Partner Program allows you to introduce SQL Spreads to your customers and earn a 20% recurring commission.

    Why would your customers be interested in SQL Spreads?

    SQL Spreads is a data management solution for mid to large-size organizations where end-user can utilize the already familiar Excel interface to manage and update data in Microsoft SQL Server.

    SQL Spreads is used by 400+ customers in 40+ countries and we often hear how much users love the simplicity of the product. You can check out our customer list here.

    If you have customers in any of the areas below, they are likely to find our product to be beneficial:

    • Business Intelligence
      For customers using Microsoft SQL Server, Power BI or similar tools, SQL Spreads is used for Managing Data Warehouse data, Master Data maintenance as well as colleting, forecasting and budgeting data.
    • ERPs
      A large number of our customers use SQL Spreads to improve and speed up the way they work with their ERPs by managing specific parts of the data in their ERP database through Excel or doing up larged(?) batched data imports into the ERP.
    • CFOs and Controllers
      Customers in finance departments who work with financial, personnel, or similar resource planning use SQL Spreads to collect forecasting data from within the organization and insert it into SQL Server through Excell.

    How does it work?

    Getting started is easy. All you need to do is sign up using this link.

    You’ll be given your own coupon code and a referral link, and access to your partner dashboard with performance reports. Share your coupon code with your potential customers and include your referral link in emails, videos, blogs, websites, and easily follow up clicks and conversions in the partner dashboard.


    We want to grow together with you as a solution partner by offering a great commission where you can harvest revenue year after year.

    20% recurring commisions

    Many of our customers use SQL Spreads as an integrated part of their daily processes and remain our customers for many years. You will receive 20% of the revenue for as long as the customer will continue to pay for our services.

    Upsales revenue

    About 50% of our revenue comes from customers who decide to come back to increase their number of user profiles. You will be granted commissions for these purchases as well, allowing your revenue to grow over time.

    180 day conversion window

    When you refer a customer to SQL Spreads and they convert into a paying customer within 180 days, the purchase is attributed to you.

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