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  • SQL Spreads release 6.2.8

    Johannes Åkesson - Aug 09, 2022

    SQL Spreads 6.2.8 is now available for download.

    • Fixed issue with bigint numbers with more than 17 digits that were truncated.
    • Fixed issue with commas in text key columns.
    • Fixed issue with uninstalling when both the per-machine and the per-user versions was installed.
    • Fixed issue with the database connection setting “Remember password on local machine”.
    • Fixed issue with losing the database connection when the network connection was down.
    • Implemented a speed improvement when using spreadsheets with large number of calculations.
    • Added info to the About dialog to tell if SQL Spreads is installed as per-user or as per-machine.
    • Updated to the new SQL Spreads logo.

    Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

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