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  • SQL Spreads release 4.4.0

    Johannes Åkesson - Jan 31, 2019

    SQL Spreads 4.4.0 is now available for download.

    • Added new buttons to the SQL Spreads tab in Excel for saving and refreshing the data between Excel and SQL Server.
    • Added new change tracking setting to separately track database row creation with date, time and Windows user name.
    • Added a release license feature for transferring a license from within the application.
    • Added a warning with instructions if the current machine settings require to add SQL Spreads/Obnex Technologies as a trusted publisher.
    • Added a tool tip effect in the Designer to show SQL Server table column details, such as data types etc by hovering over the “Show details” link in the Columns tab in the SQL Spreads Designer.
    • Improved the SQL Spreads Designer to now preserve Excel table formatting to keep e.g. Header styling, Conditional Formatting, Slicers etc.
    • Improved the User/Filter panel on the left side will now remember the width of the panel per document and also remembers if it is shown or hidden per document.
    • Improved the layout of the User/Filter panel on the left side will auto-adjust when made narrower to take less space.
    • Improved the per-machine installer so the license key can be fetched from the per-machine settings.
    • Fixed issue with settings not being correctly saved when closing the Excel document using Excels red upper-right close button cross.
    • Fixed issue with some document settings not warning when closing the document without saving.
    • Fixed issue with the document setting “Refresh import data when documents is opened” not having effect when using Tree-View Database Import filters.
    • Fixed a number of speed and stability improvements.
    • Fixed the uninstallation of SQL Spreads so all settings are deleted for per-user installations.

    Download the latest version of SQL Spreads »

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