• Demo videos

    These demo videos show how to use the SQL Spreads Excel Add-In to setup an Excel document where end users can update SQL Server data using Excel.

    SQL Server table data maintenance

    This video shows how to use SQL Spreads Designer to create an Excel document where end users can manage and update centralized data in SQL Server using Excel.

    Typical scenarios: SQL Server table data maintenance, data warehouse metadata maintenance, dimension management, etc.

    Advanced Setup – Update monthly forecasting transactions

    This video shows a solution for updating forecasting transactions in a SQL Server table using Excel.

    The demo has an import filter where the user selects Month, Company and Region. When the user has selected the Month, Company and Region, the data for the selection will be loaded into Excel and is displayed as Budgets, Actuals and previously entered forecasts.

    The user can update the forecast figures and comments and save the changes back to a forecasting table in SQL Server.

    Typical scenarios: Budgeting and Forecasting, Data Warehouse Project

    This solution is setup using the Advanced Setup in SQL Spreads.

    The demo can be downloaded as a zip-file containing the Excel file together with SQL scripts to generate the demo database.

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