Happy Holidays from the SQL Spreads team

Written by Johannes Åkesson
Reviewed by Johannes Åkesson
Dec 18, 2018
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This year has been a successful year for SQL Spreads thanks to our fantastic customer and partners. There are now more than 200 customers in over 30 countries that use SQL Spreads to simplify for their non-technical users to update and manage their important data stored in Microsoft SQL Server.

We would like to thank all customers and partners for the year and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New 2019.

Next upcoming release

We are putting in the last work into the upcoming SQL Spreads 4.4 release which will have a number of exciting updates and features:

New formatting possibilities

We have rebuilt the way cell formatting is handled in the Excel tables connected to SQL Server. The new release makes it easy to apply different kinds of formatting to your SQL Server columns in Excel.

SQL Spreads will keep all formatting connected with the SQL Server table and you can even reorder your SQL Server table columns and keep styling, number formatting, and conditional formatting.

Better change tracking

The change tracking in the new release will now beside tracking when a row was modified, also track the creation date and time and the user who created the row.

Better view of SQL Server table details from within Excel

We have updated the Designer panel where you set up how your SQL Server columns are shown and updated from Excel.

You can now easily get details about the SQL Server table from within Excel. Just hover over the SQL Server table column and you will see information about the data type, length, and key column details.

Improved usage of the Spreadsheet area

We have had a lot of user input that SQL Spreads could be better at utilizing the spreadsheet area when updating SQL Server tables from Excel. We have done a couple of changes to fulfill these wishes.

The first thing we have done is two add two new buttons to the SQL Spreads Excel ribbon so you can easily Refresh and Save the data from Excel to SQL Server when you have the left-side panel closed.

Second, we have also rebuilt the left-side user panel. The new panel will now automatically adjust its content when it is made narrower and it will also remember the last used width of the panel.

We will keep you informed when the new release is available for download.

Happy Holidays!

Johannes Åkesson and the SQL Spreads team.

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