• Download SQL Spreads 14-day trial

    Use Excel to update data in SQL Server

    For organizations using Microsoft SQL Server, where end users need to update and manage their SQL Server data, SQL Spreads is an Excel Add-In that lets you:

    • easily create solutions to update data in SQL Server through Excel,
    • improve data quality by utilizing automatic validation and integrity checks, and
    • enable data owners to reach their centralized data through Excel.

    The SQL Spreads trial is a fully functional, time-limited only, version of the product.

    “It works perfectly, you can just dive in and do the work. Within 5 minutes I was up and running and making updates to our ERP system based on SQL Server.”
    Kevin P. Barnett, R.E.A. Group Holdings, UK

    “The time and cost of implementing SQL Spreads was much more efficient than purchasing or building an elaborate custom interface.”
    Rebecca Alcorn, GIS Manager, Huntley & Huntley, US