• Get an easy way to update your SQL Server data.

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    The data many companies have in their SQL Server databases is a critical part of their business. But it is not always the case that the data is easily updatable by the people within the company who use the data. Updating may require contacting specific people in the IT department who has access to specialized tools to connect to the database and do the updates.

    When there is no easy way for the people to manage and update the data, people often keep the data in Excel files instead of storing it securely in an SQL Server database.

    Get non-SQL people to update SQL Server data

    SQL Spreads makes it possible for non-technical people to use Excel as a tool to manage and update SQL Server databases—with no need for coding or extensive training.

    The data from SQL Server is presented in Excel as a standard Excel table including filters and together with all other great Excel features. End users update the data in Excel and changes can be immediately saved back to the SQL Server database.

    Even databases with internal relations (foreign key relations) can easily be updated through Excel, and formulas can be used to calculate values that are stored in the database.

    When working with huge tables with thousands or millions of rows, data can be selectively loaded, so users don’t need to navigate irrelevant information or wait for long loading times.

    Get secure collaboration

    SQL Spreads makes it possible for non-technical people to use Excel as a tool to manage and update SQL Server databases—with no need for coding or extensive training.

    SQL Spreads use Windows Authentication to secure the SQL Server data when it is updated through Excel.

    To improve collaboration, a conflict detection system checks if other users are working with the same data at the same time and show a warning if there is a risk that data may be overwritten.

    All entered data is immediately validated against the data types in SQL Server database and the user will get an immediate feedback if any entered values are invalid and do not meet the requirements from the database.

    To improve the user experience, data can be filter based on the current user, so no irrelevant data interferes the user. You can even set up an access system to give different users access to different sections of the data.

    To keep track of changes a change tracking system can show who has changed a row and when the change was done. In cases where needed, a complete audit log can be created that will log every change that is done to the database by the username and the time the change was done.

    Get centralized data

    It’s not uncommon that valuable data resides in Excel files because there is no other simple way to manage and keep the data up-to-date.

    With SQL Spreads you have an easy way to update and manage the data in SQL Server and you can start moving more data into the database. Within 5 minutes you can create a user interface for a new database table in SQL Server and share it with the people who need to access and update the data.

    Implementation is fast and cheap and can be done by in-house personnel. If any requirements change down the line, it is easy to go back and update the solution to meet up with the new requirements

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    “It’s a fantastic product for non-SQL people. For people experienced with SQL, it is a major time-saving tool that combines the best of SQL and Excel.
    I would recommend SQL Spreads to any company that uses Microsoft SQL Server,
    I would even say that any serious company using SQL Server should have SQL Spreads in their software repertoire.”

    Kevin P. Barnett, R.E.A. Group Holdings plc, UK

    “Prior to purchasing SQL Spreads, we had no interface for users who worked outside of the SQL Server to access and edit information.
    The time and cost of implementing SQL Spreads were much more efficient than purchasing or building an elaborate custom interface.”

    Rebecca Alcorn, Huntley & Huntley, Inc., US

    “It has saved us hundreds of hours. We have used it to help us put in place data integrity controls and perform mass master data updates.
    Installing it was very easy and customer service has been great.
    I highly recommend this tool for any business with an SQL Server database.”

    David Carlson, CFO, State Systems, Inc., US